The Project

Project Name:
Embellishment of the Ain Mreisse Corniche
Avenue de Paris –  Beirut, Lebanon
Location: Ain Mreisse Corniche - Avenue de Paris.
Elements: 1. The benches on the Corniche.  2. The mega chess.
Number of benches: 76 benches in phase 1 in linear shape with rounded edges for public safety
Duration of execution: each bench 3 to 6 months
A community based project of sustainable development nature where the realization of each and every bench is
by the joint efforts of our national and international companies, institutions, Banks, individuals etc.

Executed Mega Chess: 
Location : Centered on widest section of the public sidewalk, facing McDonald’s.
9m x 9m (55000 pieces) Sponsor : BankMed, sal. This Mega Chessboard will host the finals of important chess competition events with extensive media coverage similar to all the benches that have chess boards installed on them.

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Beirut, the embellishment of the Ain Mreisse Corniche, Avenue de Paris, conceived and designed by the internationaly renowned Lebanese artist Lena Kelekian, winner of the Olympic gold medal & torch of the Olympic Fine Arts competition held during the Olympic games in Beijing - China in 2008 , is being realized under the theme of colors and shapes of the Mediterranean. The existing old cement benches are being replaced with new ones covered with colorful cut ceramics with an encrusted chessboard. along with a mega chess in the center section of the sidewalk destined for educational entertainment. Each sponsor's name will appear on a bench(es) integrated artistically in the design and on the commemorative panel of the names of the contributors and supporters. This embellishment project would certainly give color and life to the dull gray cement, thus adding a touch of cultural input by transforming a prominent public avenue to a more distinguished point of attraction in Beirut city.




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